• "Kittel 445"

  • "Lady Vale Narbonne"

  • Pedigree!

    Original P. + Dr. H.P. Brockamp

    "Kittel 445" is inbred at the “KITTEL” bloodlines from Dirk van den Bulck.

    This very nice sire is a Grandchild of the famous “KITTEL”, full-brother “KITTEL” and a daughter “Greipel” (brother “Kittel”)

    FATHER “Black Kittel” is a direct son of “KITTEL” in combination with “Bliksem Blacky II” (1 Prov ACE KBDB 2015)

    MOTHER is a daughter of “brother Kittel” in combination with a daughter of “Greipel” (brother Kittel)

  • Pedigree!

    Original Heijnen & Zoon

    "Lady Vale Narbonne" is a direct daughter of “Vale Narbonne" from Heijnen & Zoon.

    FATHER is "Vale Narbonne" and a Direct son of 1st NAT ACE bird Narbonne 2006-2010 ZLU.

    MOTHER is “Freialdenhofen” and from Freialdenhofen & Sons great long-distance loft with bloodlines like Forrest Gump, Marseille Star, First Lady, Diana, De 848.

    Mother is a direct daughter “De Kleine Donkere” and Germanys best Yearling pigeon over Int. races 2014.

    “De Kleine Donkere” raced:
    - 12 NAT Agen‘14 (1.348b)
    - 27 INT Agen’14 (8.845b)
    - 30 NAT Pau’14 (967b)
    - 102 NAT Narbonne’14 (1.241b)
    - 389 INT Narbonne’14 (8.360b)

    Mother of “Freialdenhofen” is a halfsister PRIMUS” (1 NAT Primus Interpares 2007-2011, and 1 NAT ACE pigeon Barcelona 09 – 11)

  • "Kittel 445" is New at loft!

  • "Lady Vale Narbonne" is New at loft!

  • "Kittel" (grandfather)

  • "Vale Narbonne"

  • "Greipel" (grandgrandfather)

  • "Freialdenhofen & Sons" distances